Android: Netrunner – Business First Data Pack

125 kr

Leveranstid: 1-3 dagar
Antal spelare: 2
Speltid: 45 minuter
Svårighetsgrad: 3.3
Ålder: 14+
Speltyp: Expansion
Regelspråk: Engelska

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Leveranstid: ca 1 vecka

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Passions flare and Jinteki faces a game-changing crisis in Android: Netrunner – Business First, the second Data Pack in the “Mumbad Cycle”.

As the issue of clone rights rises to prominence during the Indian Union’s national elections, Business First explores the tensions and conflicts within this tumultuous environment with sixty new cards (a complete playset of nineteen different cards) that leak horror stories about Jinteki’s treatment of its clones, find the Corp’s PR team scrambling to draw attention to its work with sustainable foods, and follow Haas-Bioroid’s efforts to capitalize upon its rival’s missteps.

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